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Lifestyle Driven Design…Furnishings for Every Room in Your Home

Lifestyle Driven Design…Furnishings for Every Room in Your Home



The Heart of the Home: Kitchen Interior Design

kitchen furnitureWhere does your family gather? Where do your friends congregate when you have a dinner party? Where do you spend most of your time cooking, eating, entertaining or relaxing? The kitchen has long been “the heart of the home”. Well, our hearts have grown. With all the open concept floor plans of today’s homes, it is without a doubt now the hub of the home. And, interior design trends are focused on this space more than ever.

Large kitchen islands demand attention. I suggest using color on them to make a statement. Navy blue and rich warm grey are two of my favorites. Include barstools that are interesting and inviting. Marble, herringbone tile, or eye-catching geometric patterns can be used on backsplashes creating a bold backdrop for a grand hood vent. Use wood to warm things up. Whether it’s rustic wood beams, distressed wood floors or an accent piece of furniture. It’s important to keep it simple and let all these elements speak for themselves. Don’t over complicate things by cluttering up your space.

The kitchen is the star of the show, but it should “go with the flow”.

The fluidity between the living space and the kitchen need to be uniform in style. Comfortable conversation arrangements that offer family and friends a place to gather are equally important. One of my favorite arrangements is placing two sofas facing each other with two swivel chairs at their ends that will allow the conversation to switch from the living room to the kitchen island.

There are endless design options available. It can be overwhelming. Let me and Tuscany Fine Furnishings help you define your style and create a space you can be proud of.

Dana Voulopos

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