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Lifestyle Driven Design…Furnishings for Every Room in Your Home

Lifestyle Driven Design…Furnishings for Every Room in Your Home



Defining Less Over More: Crafting the Perfect Space with Minimalistic Interior Design

Interior designers often coin the phrase “less is more” while consulting with their clients, a concept that implies an appreciation of simplicity, functionality, and great style. This transformation from a cluttered, disorganized space to a cleaner, stylish one is what an experienced designer can guide even the most hesitant client through.

From Dense to Refined: A Designer’s Evolution

In my early days, I prided myself as a ‘dense designer’, skillfully fitting numerous pieces of furniture and art objects into limited spaces. Over the years, my thoughts and opinions on what is less and what is more regarding design have changed considerably. I have come to appreciate the beauty of minimalism.

Transforming Built-in Bookcases: A Touch of Elegance

Consider built-in bookcases framing your fireplace or other display areas throughout your home. Previously, we were inclined to stuff the shelves to the brim, often creating a jumble of nondescript books, faux ivy pots, trinkets, and randomly placed framed photos. My suggestion? Declutter.

Remove excess objects and some of the shelving, and consider painting the back panels a shade darker than the room walls or cover them with textured wallpaper like grasscloth to create a subtle contrast. Hanging larger paintings, mirrors, or framed photos on the back panels and varying the placement of the shelves can allow for displaying larger, statement art pieces. While symmetry in interior design is important, a mirror-like repetition lacks creativity and interest.

A creative designer can seamlessly traverse your home, suggesting modifications to create less, enabling you to appreciate more.

Decluttering Surfaces: A Single Accessory Can Speak Volumes

Another “less is more” in interior design strategy involves decluttering your side or coffee table. A single, perfectly placed accessory exudes elegance. Another excellent example of “too much” is the sofas and chairs layered with so many pillows that they are uninviting, causing hosts to toss them upon the floor before their guests while encouraging them to sit.

Reimagining China Cabinets: Where Less Means More

The china cabinet, laden with wedding china, crystal, and mementos from various occasions, is another instance where ‘less’ truly means ‘more’. Consider replacing the cluttered buffet with a limited selection of fine pieces or repurposing it to display books and fine art in another room. You could replace the hutch with a credenza to store the china and crystal, eliminating a visual void when they are in use for entertaining. Adorning a sideboard or buffet with lamps and hanging a stunning work of art or mirror above it brings out the ‘more’ in ‘less.’

Interior Design Consultations: A Journey to Appreciate More

A creative designer can seamlessly traverse your home, suggesting modifications to create less, enabling you to appreciate more. The real question is, are you ready to embrace ‘less’ to make your home ‘more’?

Are you ready to redefine your living space and discover elegance in simplicity? Contact our expert team of interior designers at our Roswell, GA furniture store today. We’re excited to guide you on this transformative journey and help craft your ideal home. Don’t wait to embrace the ‘less is more’ philosophy and reveal the true potential of your space. Schedule a consultation now!

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