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Lifestyle Driven Design…Furnishings for Every Room in Your Home

Lifestyle Driven Design…Furnishings for Every Room in Your Home



A Guide to Furniture Care for Enhanced Longevity

My clients often ask me about the proper care of the furnishings they select. Here are some recommendations that will ensure the longevity of your investments.

Upholstered Furniture Care

Upholstered pieces should be vacuumed on a regular basis, making a conscious effort to flip and rotate your cushions. There are fabric protection plans available with limited warranties, many of which are good for up to five years and can be extended beyond that. Most fabrics available today are considered high performance and easily tolerate everyday use. Be aware that most warranties will not cover damages caused by pets. I encourage you not to shy away from lighter colored fabrics, as they often wear as well or better than some darker tones. Accent pillow casings are usually easily removed and can be dry cleaned. When cleaning wood-trimmed upholstered furniture, be careful not to stain the fabric with scratch cover oils and polishes.

Leather and Wood Furniture Maintenance

Leather needs to be cleaned with products that guarantee conditioners suitable for maintaining its quality. Keeping leather from becoming dry and brittle is paramount in ensuring a desired patina. The proper care of wood furniture is vital to maintaining its beauty. Avoid products that claim to add a protective barrier to the surface, as they often leave a product build-up and, over time, cause discoloration of the wood. Remember, all wood surfaces are porous and should be treated appropriately. Keeping coasters readily available to be placed under drinks will avoid accidentally leaving moisture rings and permanent stains. The use of placemats, table pads, and coverings is always recommended when serving and dining at your table. There are companies that will manufacture custom-fit pads for your formal table and extensions. Some dents and scratches add to the patina and charm of a piece. However, for those you choose not to live with, it is wise to call a professional wood repair person to correct the issue.

Care for Stone and Metal Surfaces

Stone surfaces also require care and maintenance. Quartz is one of the most durable surfaces on the market today; however, marble, slate, and concrete tops are subject to the same casualties as wood and should be treated in the same fashion. Metal tops, such as copper or steel, scratch easily and often discolor naturally, which is often a desired and accepted look in design. If it is your intent to keep these surfaces pristine, you may want to rethink your selection.

Protecting Your Furniture from Natural Elements

Everyone appreciates natural light in their homes, but keep in mind that extended sunshine often fades fabrics, leathers, and wood. The installation of window treatments, draperies, shutters, or tinting your windows will only prove to benefit your furnishings.

Furniture is meant to be enjoyed. Respect your investment with care, and it will serve you for many years!

Riccardo Apreda

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