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Lifestyle Driven Design…Furnishings for Every Room in Your Home

Lifestyle Driven Design…Furnishings for Every Room in Your Home



Benefits of Working With an Interior Designer

Our professional designers routinely publish articles featuring inspirational design pieces. For example, the November 2021 publication in Appen Media’s North Atlanta’s Real Estate Report features Riccardo Apreda, Store Manager, an accomplished, award-winning interior designer with Tuscany Fine Furnishings, who discusses the benefits of working with an interior designer.

article in North Atlanta's Real Estate Report

Click here to read the article in the online version of the magazine, or keep reading below.

Starting the Interior Design Process

Working with an interior designer brings confidence to your project. Most people have a vision of what they want to accomplish in creating a new living space or updating an existing one. However, they may not always know how to make it become a reality.

I always encourage clients to begin by collecting pictures of rooms, furnishings, wall art, along with samples of color and textures that they like. This is your project and should reflect your taste and lifestyle; a good interior designer will recognize your vision quickly and assist you in the process and finding the right fit for your furniture.

I often hear clients say, “I really have no idea of what I want to do.” After a few prompting questions regarding the use of their space, lifestyle, and budget, we have a comfortable repartee, and the process begins. An interior design experience is meant to be enjoyed, ending with the result of being happy and proud.

It is always beneficial to meet with an interior designer in the space you are creating; this allows both of you the opportunity to discuss the project, and the designer will be able to confirm measurements, furniture scale, and placement options.

Interior Design Challenges

Another lament I hear from new clients is that they are overwhelmed by the vast options available to them. This is when the designer narrows those options down and usually presents no more than three, all perfect in scale, color, texture, and design, ultimately allowing you to choose with confidence and conviction.

Life situations often call for mediators; designers are great at this. Allow me to cite several examples. I always enjoy working with clients who are merging households, and conflicts arise in what is to keep and what to purge. They have absolutely no doubt about merging their lives yet find it challenging to create a home that reflects their combined taste and style. The designer can be sensitive to both parties providing unbiased suggestions as they sort through the past to create the present. Welcoming a parent to live in your home is another opportunity for a designer to assist you in the delicate task of merging those treasures that are coming with them.

Professional interior designers are valued assets in assisting you in many aspects, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free process.

Riccardo Apreda

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