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Lifestyle Driven Design…Furnishings for Every Room in Your Home

Lifestyle Driven Design…Furnishings for Every Room in Your Home



Avoiding Common Interior Design Mistakes

Let me share some common interior design mistakes that can be avoided or easily corrected once they occur, saving you time and money when it comes to the interior design of your home.

Artwork in Interior Design

Don’t hang artwork at the wrong height. When determining the proper height, consider how a piece will be viewed. Most artwork should hang at eye level. A collection that is being hung together should center on the primary frame of interest, allowing the others to be placed above, below, and alongside them.

Using Pillows to Accent Interior Design

Don’t have an overabundance of throw pillows. Knowing that pillows can bring an accent of color and comfort to a chair or sofa, realize that they can also become a nuisance when one sits on the furniture. Too many create clutter without rhyme or reason.

Don’t Blindly Follow Trends

Just as one selects their wardrobe, consider what works best for your own taste and style, rather than blindly following a trend. Today’s trends may suit you, which is all good, but consider how you may feel about your choices after having lived with them for a few years. Trends are appropriate when you can stay current with them.

Consider Wall Paints Carefully

Don’t go over the top with decorative wall painting. A stenciled border may indeed embellish your décor, however, a gilded ceiling may be an inappropriate feature when not carefully thought out.

Consult a professional interior designer if you are not entirely comfortable creating your vision.

Consider Proper Positioning of Furniture

Don’t push furniture against the walls. Instead, create a space that welcomes and encourages conversation. A sofa flanking a wall across chairs on an opposite wall, with vast distance between them, only creates an unwanted void. Positioning the sofa even a foot off the wall and floating the chairs can make the space inviting and cohesive in design.

Letting Go of Irrelevant Pieces

Don’t hang on to pieces that no longer serve you. Instead, you should eliminate those pieces of furniture or accessories that once had a purpose in your décor but are no longer relevant to your style or design, freeing your space of undesired clutter.

Consider Your Space Use

Don’t ignore practical needs. Always consider how you will use the space, keeping function and design a priority before making a furniture or accessory selection. Nothing can bring about a sense of regret more quickly than a ruined piece of furniture, rug, or object of art due to children being children or pets being pets.

Design With a Plan

Don’t design without a plan. Perhaps I should have placed this at the top of my list! Consult a professional interior designer if you are not entirely comfortable creating your vision. They will assure your confidence and save you time and money.

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