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Lifestyle Driven Design…Furnishings for Every Room in Your Home

Lifestyle Driven Design…Furnishings for Every Room in Your Home



Tuscany Fine Furnishings Safely Reopens

Immediately upon reopening on May 1st, Tuscany Fine Furnishings deployed employee Mandatory Public Healthcare Guidelines. ALL of our Designers, ALL our delivery people, and ALL of our warehouse personnel, are now required to wear facial masks, while working with the general public. Until there is a widely distributed COVID-virus vaccine, this is our new normal, for everyone’s health and safety.

COVID Reopening Gift BagsMoreover, we pre-ordered hundreds of protective disposable masks, from our National Home Furnishings Association, along with small shopping gift bags, for storage and reuse (see photo).

Tuscany encourages all of our customers to wear protective masks while shopping in public. Any customers entering our 18,000 square foot Showroom and Design Center, without a mask, will immediately be given a Tuscany Gift Bag with a mask to wear while they shop with us, as well as the gift bag, for storage and reuse.

Furthermore, all Tuscany employees, will practice social distancing to stay within six feet of not only customers entering our showroom, but also between all employees not living in the same household.

As we welcome back customers to safely shop with Tuscany Fine Furnishings, we will offer a storewide 15% discount on all furnishings, accent pieces and accessories, including all new arrivals, and a 30% discount, for all special orders placed!

We encourage all Designers and real estate broker’s that shop or recommend Tuscany Fine Furnishings to their customers and clients, also communicate Tuscany’s strict safety shopping guidelines.

In addition, Tuscany will also go on house calls and schedule appointments directly with our Designers, with protective masks, worn by all parties.

Tuscany Fine Furnishings also has an award winning new website, launched in 2019, fully integrated to all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Business, where 23,000 families follow and shop Tuscany, every day!

Tuscany is prepared to operate with the highest level of public health, safety, and protection for the long-haul, so you and your families can confidently shop and accept deliveries of your merchandise knowing we have your well-being in mind. Be safe out there and God Bless America!

Kathy McConnell

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