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Lifestyle Driven Design…Furnishings for Every Room in Your Home

Lifestyle Driven Design…Furnishings for Every Room in Your Home



Planning a Bedroom Space You Will Love

When assisting my clients in making furniture selections for their bedrooms, I always stress the importance of space planning. You can avoid many costly mistakes when you take precise measurements, along with noting door and window placements.

I suggest that you first determine the placement of the bed while keeping in mind the difference in dimensions between a king, California king, and queen size bed. A king-size bed usually measures 85” W x 90” D. The California king-size bed is longer, measuring 94” D. A queen-size bed usually measures 67” W x 90” D. There is not a California queen-size bed.

Depending upon their style and the mattress used, beds will vary in height. For example, a platform-style bed will always be lower than a panel or four-posted bed. Complete beds include headboards, side rails, and footboards. However, be aware that opting for just a headboard requires it to be attached to a mattress or wall.

I would suggest a bed skirt to cover the unsightly mattress frame and box spring. Choosing a bed is much like finding the perfect chair; comfort, style, and functionality all play a part in determining your selection. A current trend is the upholstered bed; these are available in many frame choices ranging from tufted to tailored. In addition, there are great choices of high-performance fabrics available.

After you have decided on your bed, consider the space you have on either side for nightstands. Here are some guidelines to consider regarding bedside tables, keep the height even or slightly below the height of the mattress. Bachelor chests are always larger than nightstands and can provide extra storage while making a stunning statement when space permits. Nightstand dimensions range from 32” W to 34” W, and they are available with one, two, three drawers or open shelves. Bachelor chests measure 38” W. Whether you choose symmetry or would like to use two different bedside pieces be sure they are at equal height and in proportion to one another. It is important to balance your lighting on either side of the bed.

I often add artwork or mirrors over the nightstands or chests. Doing this helps to bring another visual dimension to the room. If drawer space is needed, you may place a dresser and chest of drawers in the room. Many bedrooms have ample storage designed closets, and the need for extra storage is not a necessity.

You may want to choose a console or media chest to bring balance to the room. A chaise or a couple of comfortable chairs and ottoman always make a welcomed addition. When using a rug under the bed, you may want to consider placing one-third of the rug under the foot and extending two-thirds out into the room.

Following these suggestions will assist in creating a beautiful bedroom!

Peter Benedetto

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