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Lifestyle Driven Design…Furnishings for Every Room in Your Home

Lifestyle Driven Design…Furnishings for Every Room in Your Home



Furniture Shopping: Eliminate the Struggle and Enjoy the Process

“You think you would like a sectional; great, let’s look at your space and the sectionals functionality.” Many of my clients struggle in determining whether to place sofas, love seats, chairs, or sectionals in their desired space. The challenge can become overwhelming but doesn’t have to be with the assistance of an interior designer. The first question to ask your self is how my selection will best fit the space and which of the pieces will hug the walls leaving the others to float in the room.

Sofas & Sectionals

Sofas and sectionals come in a variety of different fabrics and leathers. There are many configurations and style options available, allowing you to choose your cushion comfort level, select pillows, arms, and legs that best meet your preferences.

Sectionals are a great way to seat many people comfortably and can be an excellent option for rec rooms, TV rooms, and family rooms. Measuring your space is crucial before purchasing a sectional or another piece of living room furniture. You may believe that the sectional you have seen on the showroom floor is the perfect fit for your area. However, in a furniture showroom atmosphere, the dimensions can be deceiving, and your room may not accommodate the configuration.

It is also essential to be sure that you consider table, ottoman, and lighting options before making your decision on purchasing a larger piece of living room or family room furniture.

Some rooms are perfect for the placement of two sofas, and I often encourage my clients to do this, rather than using a sofa with a love seat.

Don’t be deceived by dimensions in a furniture showroom atmosphere. Always measure the space where the furniture will be placed and come equipped with those numbers when shopping for new furniture for your home.

Sofas are available in various lengths, and you can arrange them in multiple ways to fit the room comfortably. Keep in mind that there is little difference in cost when considering whether to purchase a couch or a love seat.

Multiple sofas can be positioned across from one another with a large cocktail table or ottoman placed between them, allowing for chairs to be added to one or both sides.

If the distance between the sofas needs to be extended to accommodate the chairs, two cocktail tables can create an elegant look while affording great functionality. You may also like the ability to rearrange your furniture in the same space easily. You can place sofas at a right angle and the chairs opposite one couch at a different angle for an alternate look.

Chairs, Ottomans & Recliners

Let’s talk about chairs. Many people often make the mistake of choosing a chair that is not in proportion or does not compliment the style of their sofa or sectional.

There are chairs designed for conversation, and there are chairs that are better suited for lounging. Once you have decided on which style you would like in your home furnishings, the options are vast.

A chair with an ottoman lends itself well for conversation and comfort, while also affording extra seating when needed. Recliners are options that, when chosen in the right style and size, can be welcome additions to the decor.

The choice of fabrics and leathers for chairs is something that a good interior designer can assist you with, ensuring that they compliment your taste and style.

Take the struggle out of your furniture shopping and selection. Whether choosing sectionals, sofas, love seats, or chairs, keep an open mind throughout the process and remember there are many great options available to you!

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